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The Medical Cannabis Primer

See why critics are describing this book for users of medical cannabis as a home run!

"I've never seen anything so complete, properly compiled, and easily comprehensible for literally anyone interested in seriously learning about cannabis as medicine."

Mike Robinson, Founder
Global Cannabinoid Research Center

"The Medical Cannabis Primer" Cuts Through the Crap. New book helps novice patients choose their right medicine."

Santa Barbara Independent
January 06, 2020

Treat your pain and other health conditions using the latest research.

Cannabis is personalized medicine. This full-color compendium shows users and prescribers exactly what they need to know, in easy-to-understand terms, to make cannabis work effectively while minimizing undesirable effects. With its comprehensive index, this book will become your go-to cannabis guide.
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Specifically, this Primer Addresses:


Examines the risks and side effects of medicinal cannabis and how these risks compare with those for other substances patients use to self-medicate


Discusses the nature of the cannabis species, the parts of the plant, its active substances, and how those substances work in the body

Forms of Use

Explains how the plant is processed into different forms of use, so users can decide which form is most appropriate to address their needs


Reviews information on potency and dosing and how effects differ across products and individuals

Whole Plant

Describes how cannabis compounds interact with one another to treat different medical conditions

Healthcare Opposition

Presents the nature of healthcare industry support and opposition to medicinal cannabis and describes methodological problems with research findings

Recent Advances

Explains recent advances in our understanding of how cannabis works in our bodies, and provides a glimpse of cannabis’s potential, to treat conditions

Product Testing

Explains product testing requirements and the current state of testing

144 pages - 10 Chapters

  • 1. The MMJ Controversy

  • 2. Makeup

  • 3. Forms of Use

  • 4. Potency & Dosing

  • 5. Compound Interactions

  • 6. Conditions Addressed

  • 7. Medical vs. Recreational

  • 8. Testing

  • 9. Research

  • 10. Putting It All Together

  • Appendix

  • Index

38 Photos

12 Illustrations

8 Graphs

27 Tables


What The Experts Are Saying

Angela Hardy, Pharm.D.
Cannabis Educator and Cannabis Clinical Consultant

This compendium provides an unbiased, clear and concise overview of all the key information and supporting evidence for medical cannabis. This is precisely what every patient and healthcare provider needs to start making informed and rational decisions about the use of medical cannabis.

Mike Robinson, Founder
Global Cannabinoid Research Center

I’ve never seen anything so complete, properly compiled, and easily comprehendible for literally anyone interested in seriously learning about cannabis as medicine.

Ryan P. Basham, M.D.

This primer is very well done, very thorough and well researched. The tables and graphics make it much more "digestible" in comparison to a medical text. This is an asset for potential patients.

Dr. Jake F. Felice, N.D., L.M.P.
Cannabis Matrix Consulting

This book describes multiple essential topics for patients and consumers who are looking to navigate the complex world of cannabis and cannabis therapeutics.

Ben Caplan, M.D.

Ben Caplan, MD
Founder, Chief Medical Officer, Cannabis Medicine Family Physician

This book is an excellent resource. Well-organized, simplifying a complex literature in elegant design!

J. Louie Esquivel, General Manager
Cal Green Medical

This book is comprehensive, and I know our patients will find it valuable. I would recommend it to anyone who truly wants to learn about cannabis and its benefits.

Kate Zhong, MD, MSc

Kate Zhong, MD, MSc
CEO, CNS Innovations

I’m very impressed with the content and writing style – comprehensive and engaging. I particularly liked the way the references were organized and presented, the tables and figures were constructed, and the chapters were built upon one another, so readers can navigate through the complicated cannabis pathway in a clear and cohesive manner. Well done.

Morton Sachs, M.D.

Morton Sacks, M.D.
Medical Cannabis & Healthy Aging Consultant

This is a wonderful book, a great primer for anyone who’s interested in learning anything about cannabis. It’s also very good for people who have experience in the field because it’s quite detailed and has a lot of colorful illustrations.

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