Merging Cannabis Science & Technology for Mainstream Adoption

I was honored to have been interviewed for the Periodic Effects Business & Science Podcast, hosted by Wayne Schwind:

How is science different from technology? And why are these merging around cannabis to usher in the new frontier? Our guest is Ruth Fisher, Ph.D., Author of “The Medical Cannabis Primer” and Co-Founder of Cann Dynamics. We discuss the potential futures of cannabis and what it will take for the adoption and use of cannabis to move into the mainstream.

Wayne indicated his biggest takeaway from the discussion was:

There are multiple consumer and operator segments in the cannabis industry like recreational, medical, legacy, doctors/ family practitioners and pharmaceutical. They are all talking about cannabis from a different perspective. Will they all eventually meet on common ground? Or will these segments continue to diverge? It seems like mainstream adoption will require a common ground. We discuss the hurdles and bottlenecks preventing cannabis from mass adoption.

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Cannabis Curious?

Dr. Fisher will be participating in community education program in on August 25, 2019, being held in Port Hueneme, CA.

Wheelhouse Dispensary is hosting a new series, Cannabis Curious Talks. Each talk will feature a selection of representatives to speak to the community about their history in the cannabis industry, how their experiences have evolved through legalization, and how they expect the industry to continue to evolve in the future.

Representatives invited to speak at the initial event include:

  • Brand: Sundestorm − Cameron Clarke, CEO
  • Dispensary: Wheelhouse − Zahur Lalji, Wheelhouse founder
  • Lab: Cannasafe − PR/marketing or lab scientist
  • Doctor: The Claudia Jensen MD Center − Margaret A. Peterson, MD
  • Author: The Medical Cannabis Primer − Ruth Fisher, PhD
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Cannabis IRL

Review: “The Medical Cannabis Primer”- The Guide We All Need to Read.

A Cannabis In Real Life Review by Dan Larkin

Getting clear, concise, and easy to understand information about cannabis is tough. There are lots of resources but which ones can you trust? How can you be sure the information isn’t biased? How are you supposed to even understand all the terminology and science? Is it even legal?

All of this becomes doubly important if you’re researching medical cannabis as an alternative to conventional treatments or pharmaceuticals. You or someone you love may have recently been diagnosed with ...

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What Can Nevada Extract from Cannabis?

Dr. Fisher will be participating in a panel discussion in September 2019, being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cannabis became legalized for recreational use in Nevada on January 1, 2017, after having been legalized for medical use since 2000. The discussion is titled, “What Can Nevada Extract from Cannabis?” The panel brings together a collection of political, business, health, and other experts to discuss what Nevada might expect in terms of entrepreneurship, tax revenues, pain relief, and recreational use. In addition to Dr. Fisher, the panel includes the following experts:

John Ralston, journalist, political commentator, and talk show host.

Dr. Mowgli Holmes, co-founder and CEO of Phylos Bioscience. He was a founding board member of the Open Cannabis Project, and is Chair of the Oregon State Cannabis Research Task Force.

Chris Giunchigliani, former state Assemblywoman and past president of the Clark County and Nevada state education associations. She is a member of the Nevada Marijuana Advisory Panel.

Brandon Weigand, Chief Compliance Officer for The Source Dispensaries. He is responsible for improving the efficiency of operations, and for regulatory compliance.

Dr. Jon Norman, Chief Scientific Officer for Vivera Pharmaceuticals. He leads the design and implementation of clinical trials for Vivera'a proprietary CBD sublingual products.

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