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10-Jan-2020 in Reviews

Santa Barbara Independent's Glowing Review of The Medical Cannabis Primer

Arts & entertainment newspaper, The Santa Barbara Independent has published a glowing review of The Medical Cannabis Primer. The Indy's...


27-Jul-2020 in News

Green In CHI's Virtual Fireside Chat

Green in Chi event

Green In CHI is an organization that hosts and promotes Cannabis Industry Educational, and Networking, Events in Chicago. On the night of Wednesday July 29th, two of Green In CHI's Co-Founders, Dan Garms and Altan Erdemir will be interviewing their Featured Guest: Ruth Fisher, Co-Founder of CannDynamics and Author of The Medical Cannabis Primer. Use this link to sign-up: Attend Event

27-Jul-2020 in News

Periodic Effects Podcast: Understanding Cannabis's Entourage…

Periodic Effects logo

Join Dr. Fisher for another podcast on Periodic Effects. Some Fun #s - cannabinoids enhance communication between your 86 billion neurons, each of which connects to 5,000 to 200,000 other neurons and sends signals 5-50 times per second… wrap your neurons around that :) We had Ruth Fisher, Ph.D. back on to discuss her recent article “Understanding Cannabis’s Entourage Effect”. We cover...

penicillin vs THC

23-Jul-2020 in Blogs

Cannabis: A Penicillin for the 21st Century

Throughout history, bacterial infections have been the scourge of human beings. Up until the early 1900s, the top 10 leading...

Cannabis by the Sea

13-Jul-2020 in Reviews

Cannabis By The Sea Recommends Our Primer

Published seasonally by KopSun Media Group, Cannabis by the Sea is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to information on the health...

Periodic Effects episode 155

07-Jul-2020 in News

Periodic Effects Podcast: Dynamics of Federal Legalization & Interstate Comm…

Wayne Schwind has published his May 28, 2020, episode of Periodic Effects entitled, "Pe155 Dynamics of Federal Legalization & Interstate...

06-Jul-2020 in Blogs

Understanding Cannabis’s Entourage Effect

Benefits of Whole Plant Medicine

Periodic Effects episode 153

13-May-2020 in News

Periodic Effects Podcast: Cannabis 2.0 Markets, Trends & Patents

Last week, Dr. Ruth Fisher was invited back to the Periodic Effects podcast. The episode, "Pe153 Cannabis 2.0 Markets, Trends...

TSC Talks podcast

09-Mar-2020 in News

TSC Talks Podcast: Treatment of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Dr. Fisher was recently interviewed for the TSC Talks podcast, a regular discussion about the treatment of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. 

Cannabis on the Blockchain Event

12-Feb-2020 in News

Dr. Fisher Delivers Keynote at Cannabis Blockchain Event

Today, Dr. Fisher delivered the opening keynote speech for Cannabis on The Blockchain. She delivered a thirty-thousand-foot view about the...

Doctor with TMCP book

09-Feb-2020 in Reviews

Florida Cannabis Nurse Gives Stellar TMCP Endorsement

"Hi there Dr. Fisher! I am a nurse and midwife in Florida and have been in the health care industry...

Schedule 1 film

06-Feb-2020 in News

Dr. Fisher Speaks on Cannabis & Cancer Panel

The short film, Schedule 1, was screened this week amid a panel of cannabis experts and a theater full of a...

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28-Jan-2020 in Reviews

Medical Cannabis Primer Reviewed by Research Lead at CannaLytica

Research Team Lead at CannaLytica, Jon Calder, recently reviewed The Medical Cannabis Primer. The reivew is available on both and...

snapshot of CED's review

27-Jan-2020 in Reviews

CED Foundation's Review: Two Thumbs Up!

The CED Foundation has given their endorsement of The Medical Cannabis Primer. Created in 2017, the CED Foundation is dedicated...

snapshot of TMCP review on

10-Jan-2020 in Reviews

Santa Barbara Independent's Glowing Review of The Medical Cannabis Primer

Arts & entertainment newspaper, The Santa Barbara Independent has published a glowing review of The Medical Cannabis Primer. The Indy's...

31-Dec-2019 in Reviews

The Medical Cannabis Primer Reviewed by Cansoom

Renowned cannabis educator, Lolita Korneagay of Cansoom, recently reviewed The Medical Cannabis Primer and said some nice things about our...

Supply Chain illustration

02-Dec-2019 in Blogs

Unresolved Cannabis Supply Chain Issues

The cannabis industry is new, but quickly evolving. The rapid pace of change is aggravated by the complexity of the...

Ratios Poster

11-Nov-2019 in News

Poster Offering: CBD:THC Ratio by Condition

Purchase the CBD:THC Ratio by Condition poster The cannabis community is increasingly recognizing the tremendous benefits gained by combining CBD with...

extract bottle

31-Oct-2019 in Blogs

Synthetic vs. Isolate vs. Distillate vs. Extract

There are many different methods used to process cannabis and obtain its active ingredients. As far as cannabis users are...

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24-Oct-2019 in News

Merging Cannabis Science & Technology for Mainstream Adoption

I was honored to have been interviewed for the Periodic Effects Business & Science Podcast, hosted by Wayne Schwind: How is...

Periodic Effects, Episode 119

21-Oct-2019 in News

Periodic Effects Podcast Features Dr. Ruth Fisher About Cannabis Technology

Join host, Wayne Schwind, a chemical engineer, as he interivews Dr. Ruth Fisher on his renowned podcast, Periodic Effects. In...

Cannabis Script

12-Sep-2019 in Blogs

Why Most Doctors Are Reluctant to Recommend Medical Cannabis

My brother has multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a degenerative disease affecting the brain and spinal cord; it generally causes...


08-Sep-2019 in Blogs

What's the Vaping Scare About and Why Is It Happening?

What are e-cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are all the rage. Since their introduction in 2003, e-cigarette use (vaping) has mushroomed:...


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