p. 1, 1st column, 3rd paragraph: "Cannabis for medical use is the subject of this compendium. Opponents of the use of medical cannabis have three primary objections."

p. 10, 2nd column, bottom of page: " examined the number of deaths for 17 different FDA-approved drugs used to treat conditions that cannabis could also be used to treat."

p. 34, Figure 2-20: Cannabis Compounds: "Some 483 Cannabis Compounds"

p. 47, Figure 3-4: Purchase Units: 7th row, right column: "1 cartridge" 

p. 72, Right column, 2nd paragraph: "New gene selection techniques, cross-breeding methods, cultivating techniques, and processing technologies will continue to feed the availability of new forms and methods of cannabis ingestion in the coming years.

p. 83, Right column, top of page: "4-9: Factors Influencing Effects of Cannabis on Individuals" should be "4-7: Tinctures: Dosage in Drops"

p. 92, Figure 5-2: THC Ratio by Condition: Autoimmune Diseases


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