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19 July 2021

How Do You Fit Cannabis Into Western Medicine? The Cannabis Conversation

The Cannabis Conversation 121

The Cannabis Conversation Podcast, hosted by Anuj Desai, is a discussion with industry leaders to help cannabis businesses grow through learning and collaboration. Dr. Fisher was the guest on Episode #121. The topic of the discussion was: How Do You Fit Cannabis into Western Medicine?

The heart of the discussion was led by a few important questions. Why doesn't cannabis fit into the traditional paradigm used in Western medicine? Specifically, Ruth and Anuj discussed how the general approach of Western Medicine is to use synthetically created therapeutics with a single active ingredient. The use of whole-plant cannabis extracts is inconsistent with this paradigm. Next, why are physicians are so reluctant to prescribe cannabis for their patients? Lastly, there was a question of clinical research: the use of real-world data, rather than more traditional randomized controlled trials, can be used to establish cannabis efficacy in patients.

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