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05 August 2021

Regulation in Cannabis Research (Dr. Fisher Participates in Panel Discussion)

cannabis research conferenceThe 2021 Virtual Cannabis Research Conference was held on August 3- 5. Dr. Fisher participated in a panel discussion that was hosted by Ruth Charbonneau, Associate Director, The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp.

The discussion was titled, “Law and Regulation and its Role in Cannabis Research.” 

Other Panelists included:

  • Andrew Cole, Customized Audit Solutions and Compliance at BSI
  • Deborah Miran, Consultant at DMiran Consulting, and Former Maryland Medical Cannabis Commissioner

The panelists discussed such issues as 

  • How cannabis is unique relative to other agricultural and pharmaceutical products
  • Why standards, consistency, and good manufacturing processes are important and how to bring them to the cannabis industry
  • How to enable small providers and product variety to flourish in the industry



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