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01 October 2021

The Future of Cannabis and Psychedelics, Panel Discussion, CBD Expo West 2021

CBD Expo West 2021

Dr. Fisher participated in a panel discussion at CBD Expo West in LA. In addition to Dr. Fisher, other panel participants included

  • Host Keioko Beati, Director Of Education & Outreach at Coral Cove Wellness Resort Jamaica, Cannabis & Fungi Education for Wellness Speaker
  • Co-panelist Chris Claussen, Chief Innovation Officer @ Leiio Wellness
  • Co-panelist Peter Holzworth, Global Strategy Officer at BackBone IQ

Dr. Fisher as a panelist in The Future of Cannabis and Psychedelics at the CBD Expo West 20201Panelists discussed how the cannabis and psychedelics industry would evolve. Panelists agreed there’s tremendous potential for both industries to address health and wellness needs as well as provide recreational benefits. Also, while Mr. Holzworth stressed the need for standards, Dr. Fisher warned that standards should not be established prematurely, since anything put in place “just until we get more information” will invariably end up being difficult to change when the time comes.

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