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24 October 2021

Cannabis Science and Technology Magazine Interview

Cannabis Science and Technology

Dr. Fisher was interviewed by Madeline Colli of Cannabis Science and Technology magazine for an article posted on September 1 titled, Whole Plant Medicine Is the Future. For the interview, Dr. Fisher provides a brief overview of her accompanying analysis, Transitioning to 21st Century Medicine: The Promise of Whole Plant Medicine, and what she hoped to achieve by writing it. To this question, she replies,

But I think the current healthcare system is failing a lot of patients. As a game theorist and researcher, I’ve seen how the system has evolved, and I understand why it generates the outcomes it does. A good friend once told me that it’s useless for a consultant to tell someone they have a problem unless she can also tell that person how to fix the problem. My purpose for writing this article is to tell people what the problem is, why it exists, and how to fix it.

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