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18 September 2020

Veriheal Ranks TMCP a #1 Must Read for 2020


The Medical Marijuana doctor group, Variheal, has published an interesting article entitled, "The 4 Must-Read Cannabis Books of 2020."

At Veriheal, we are passionate about passing on cannabis knowledge and sharing cannabis education whenever possible. Whether you’re new to medical cannabis, a seasoned industry professional, or looking to learn more about how to naturally boost endocannabinoids in the body, you’ll want to check out these educational titles.

The Medical Cannabis Primer ranks as the #1 read.

This primer is a thoughtful review of the science, chemical makeup, and therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis. The Medical Cannabis Primer spans 10 chapters that cover the biggest topics of importance to those interested in learning about medical cannabis from the anatomy of cannabis to the forms of cannabis—from concentrates to extracts—on the market today and the advantages and disadvantages of those options.

Thank you, Veriheal. We'll be sure to check out the other books on your list, too!


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