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Cannabis IRL: Review of The Medical Cannabis Primer

Review: “The Medical Cannabis Primer”- The Guide We All Need to Read.

A Cannabis In Real Life Review by Dan Larkin

Getting clear, concise, and easy to understand information about cannabis is tough. There are lots of resources but which ones can you trust? How can you be sure the information isn’t biased? How are you supposed to even understand all the terminology and science? Is it even legal?

All of this becomes doubly important if you’re researching medical cannabis as an alternative to conventional treatments or pharmaceuticals. You or someone you love may have recently been diagnosed with...

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Errata for The Medical Cannabis Primer

p. iv, Disclaimer, 3rd column, 2nd paragraph: "Neither the Author, the Editor nor the Publisher is responsible for the claims or validity of external websites, research papers, studies, or opinions."

p. 1, 1st column, 3rd paragraph: "Cannabis for medical use is the subject of this compendium. Opponents of the use of medical cannabis have three primary objections."

p. 10, 2nd column, bottom of page: " examined the number of deaths for 17 different FDA-approved drugs used to treat conditions that cannabis could also be used to treat."

p. 19, 2nd column, last sentence: "Potent indica strains may give some patients what is called 'couchlock,' a condition in which they become so relaxed that they can barely get up from the sofa."

p. 23, Figure 2-7: Parts of the Cannabis Plant: Stigmas contain trichomes

p. 28, Figure 2-12: Illustration of Cannabis Calyx & Pistil: Caption under illustration should read, "Cannabis trichomes—resin glands—are found on sugar leaves, bracts, sepals, and pistils."

p.30, Figure 2-14: Photo of Cannabis Stigmas: Caption under illustration should read, "The green leaves in the center are the calyxes, and the opaque tentacles are stigmas. The calyxes and stigmas are both covered in trichomes."

p. 34, Figure 2-20: Cannabis Compounds: "Some 483 Cannabis Compounds"

p. 36, 1st column, 3rd paragraph: "There are two well-documented endocannabinoids, anandamide and 2-AG, although there are others as well."

p. 47, Figure 3-4: Purchase Units: 7th row, right column: "1 cartridge" 

p. 72, Right column, 2nd paragraph: "New gene selection techniques, cross-breeding methods, cultivating techniques, and processing technologies will continue to feed the availability of new forms and methods of cannabis ingestion in the coming years.

p. 83, Right column, top of page: "4-9: Factors Influencing Effects of Cannabis on Individuals" should be "4-7: Tinctures: Dosage in Drops"

p. 83, Right column, bottom of page: "In this respect, cannabis is not much different from those other medications."

p. 86, 1st column, last sentence: "Finally, the rate of absorption of cannabis in edibles and the duration of the effects are much higher when cannabis is ingested with healthy fats."

p. 92, Figure 5-2: THC Ratio by Condition: Autoimmune Diseases

p. 120, Medical Disclaimer, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph: "Neither the Author, the Editor nor the Publisher is responsible for the claims or validity of external websites, research papers, studies, or opinions."

The Medical Cannabis Primer Reviewed by Cansoom

Renowned cannabis educator, Lolita Korneagay of Cansoom, recently reviewed The Medical Cannabis Primer and said some nice things about our book:

"The book is only 10 chapters and about 144 pages, but it was chocked full of interesting information.

"I thought that this book would be filled with the same information that I already know...I do feel that Ruth touched all of the major points and she even brought up a couple of points that I had not considered before.

"I think that this book is great for people who are curious about using cannabis medically and it’s also a great refresher for the medical cannabis professional."

Thank you, Lolita!

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