New Cannabis Derivative Offers ‘Holy Grail’ Outcome in the Treatment of MS

Emerald Health, a Canadian cannabis pharmaceutical company, is developing what could be a “holy grail” treatment for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Myelin is a sheath around nerve cells – a layer of protective insulation – that helps nerves smoothly conduct signals. MS causes this sheath to degrade. This demyelination prevents nerves from smoothly conducting impulses, causing pain and other serious problems for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other demyelinating diseases or injuries.

Current treatments for MS all involve slowing the progression of demylenation. However, no existing treatment actually restores mylenation, which would help reverse symptoms. A treatment that would facilitate remylenation would truly be a revolutionary step forward for sufferers of MS. As a recent article in Multiple Sclerosis Today indicates:

“Restoring the myelin sheath around nerves, or remyelination, would be considered a ‘Holy Grail’ outcome in the treatment of MS,” Jim DeMesa, MD, Emerald’s CEO, said in a press release.

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The cannabis community is increasingly recognizing the tremendous benefits gained by combining CBD with THC and other cannabis compounds in cannabis products. What’s less recognized than the entourage effect, but nonetheless gaining traction, is the importance of combining CBD with THC in fixed proportions, or ratios. That is, researchers are finding that specific CBD-to-THC ratios may be more effective for treating specific medical conditions. For example, products with high CBD-to-THC ratios — that is, products with 20 or 25 parts CBD to 1 part THC — benefit patients with anxiety, epilepsy, and depression. Alternatively, products with equal parts CBD and THC, 1-to-1 ratios, may be more effective at treating nausea and certain types of cancer.

We included an information table in our book, The Medical Cannabis Primer, which aggregates information across several sources about which ratios may better address specific conditions. This table, “CBD:THC Ratio by Condition,” has turned out to be the biggest go-to page in the book.

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The poster is designed to create awareness about how cannabis might best be used to treat common medical conditions. And of course, it also creates awareness about The Medical Cannabis Primer book.

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