Cannabis IRL: Review of The Medical Cannabis Primer

Review: “The Medical Cannabis Primer”- The Guide We All Need to Read.

A Cannabis In Real Life Review by Dan Larkin

Getting clear, concise, and easy to understand information about cannabis is tough. There are lots of resources but which ones can you trust? How can you be sure the information isn’t biased? How are you supposed to even understand all the terminology and science? Is it even legal?

All of this becomes doubly important if you’re researching medical cannabis as an alternative to conventional treatments or pharmaceuticals. You or someone you love may have recently been diagnosed with...

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Medical Cannabis Primer Reviewed by Research Lead at CannaLytica

Research Team Lead at CannaLytica, Jon Calder, recently reviewed The Medical Cannabis Primer. The reivew is available on both and This one is much more sophisticated than previous reviews. Thank you, Mr. Calder, for taking the time to dig in deep.

[This book is] well-referenced and researched, across topics including “the controversy,” basic Cannabis botany, cannabinoid pharmacology, Medical Cannabis indications, and counter-indications, consumer awareness of the often less than ethical CannaBusiness, and, what makes this text worth the price alone, a fantastic chapter dealing with “The Evidence.”

He continues:

Combined with good information on how to check your vendor knows what they are providing, the significance of analytical testing and toxicological screening, and the need for solid, clear regulations over safety, the book also deals at length with the dazzling array of Cannabis products, and methods of consumption. Beautifully designed and laid out by her brother, himself a Medical User — possibly her motivation for putting together this single volume reference text, this text makes a worthy addition to any patient’s self-education, and could well be a useful point of first information for clinicians.

The Medical Cannabis Primer Reviewed by Cansoom

Renowned cannabis educator, Lolita Korneagay of Cansoom, recently reviewed The Medical Cannabis Primer and said some nice things about our book:

"The book is only 10 chapters and about 144 pages, but it was chocked full of interesting information.

"I thought that this book would be filled with the same information that I already know...I do feel that Ruth touched all of the major points and she even brought up a couple of points that I had not considered before.

"I think that this book is great for people who are curious about using cannabis medically and it’s also a great refresher for the medical cannabis professional."

Thank you, Lolita!

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